Kitty Kat (kittykat69er) wrote in guyanesecrew,
Kitty Kat


Hi, I'm Katie. I was looking around communities to see if there were any about this weekend's upcoming Caribana in TO and found you guys. I giggled a little to find it, then *had* to join. My mom's side is from Georgetown, my sister and I being first generation born in Canada, and well... one day someone snapped it into me that "hey, this is a part of your roots too" and sparked a real interest in the culture.

Anyway, I've introduced myself. Seems like a lot of Toronto-based in this community, anyone else going to Caribana this year?
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hey! that is so cool. this is the 1st time I am going to CARIBANA. it should be fun. Tommorrow is the PAN fest at some stadium. Not sure where it is exactly.
Ahhh it's my first time too. I'm not sure if I'm going to the PAN fest.. pretty sure the plans are for a low-key night tomorrow, and then partying all day and all night saturday!! I'm nervous about the parade part though, there are just not enough sequins in that costume bag.
Hi there. I'm not in Canada, but I have guyanese relatives up there. It's funny how their guyanese accents have changed over the years. :) Whereas in guyanese, I'm used to my mom (who lives in Queens, NY) says "wha de oss you a do, eh?" the canucks up north say "nice weather out today eh?" haha.

Okay sorry. Hi. :)
Hey, welcome to the community! (Sorry for the late welcome - I, your friendly maintainer = extremely busy and I meant to post this sooner)

How was it?