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help would be greatly appreciated

I had written a post earlier to ask if anyone knew of the adverse affect that European imperailism had had on indegenous peoples around the world. After doing much research, I figured out that in order to encompass every indegenious culture off the top of my head, and the ones everybody brought to my attention, I would end up writing a dissertation, which is not what the assignment said to do. I have now narrowed down my topic to the affects of the racial majority has had on the cultural ties slaves and indentured servents that were brought to the united states might have with their past.
My general stream of thought is that since the European imperialists were in majority, the salves and indentured servants, who were both opressed and in minority were forced to assimilate into the majority's way of life and break most bonds with their past and culture.
The more I think about it, the more I want to narrow my thesis down to the difference between the people brought to the United States by force and the immigrants who came to the United States by choice, and how it affected their holding on to past cultures and traditions.
If anyone has any input on this subject, opinion- reading material- anything-wise, it would be greatly appreciated!
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