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My cousin sent me this link. Thoughts, comments, feelings... Discuss:

Guyana, USA
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This is just one of the many designs that was created to represent our Country. However, it was never choosen and you know what the current flag looks like.
um... I was actually hoping to discuss the link that opens up when you click the flag. take another look
Ok ! this is the second time I am reading this article and it really pisses me off. I don`t think the guyanese government are in their right minds to actually think of becoming a state of the USA. Firstly, I would be one guyanese against it. Secondly, IF Guyana did not have a f..ked Up government, Guyanese wouldn`t have to migrate to the USA. And that flag!.. I have never and I mean never seen it flown anywhere in Guyana...I can`t give an account for the last 4years because I now live in Canada.

I hope this article its not of real substance. It would be a shame to our people.
i concur with saivite
this is an absolutely ridiculous idea...