The Lone Penman (rayne_vandunem) wrote in guyanesecrew,
The Lone Penman

China in Haiti- whoa....

OK, now THIS is interesting: China, which has sent military advisors to Cuba and Venezuela (and is cashing in on the increasing dissatisfaction with conditions in Latin America), is stationing troops in Haiti, which is one of only 26 nations which maintains diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

This will be the very first time since 1421 that China has ever sent troops into the Western Hemisphere, and what better place to send this expeditionary force than to Haiti, the world's first black republic?

Now this is frickin amazing: is it true that the pendulum of power is actually moving westward to East Asia? What could this mean for Haiti? What could this mean for the African Diaspora in general? What could this mean for Latin America as well?

Your thoughts, if you please. Thanks.
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