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Risker, Risk. 
09:44am 25/11/2007
Good day everyone!

I'm here to pimp out my fairly new community, risker_risk, a community that aims to celebrate and share the poetry, and reviews of the poetry of the late, great Martin Cater, one of the greatest poets coming out of the Caribbean. Whether your interest in him is casual or scholarly, you are most welcome to join and participate! I really hope to see some Guyanese faces there. ♥

10:54am 16/12/2005

Join </font></b></a>we_caribbean

this is a community for the beautiful caribbean people, the socaholics,
the dancehall junkies, the calypso lovers, all aspects of the countries,
the cultures, the food...the caribbean

05:49pm 04/11/2005
  people of Guyana i salute you!

i collect postcards sent from all over the world
and i still don't have a postcard from your country
i appreciate if someone can send me one

in case you can help me i post my mailing address
Pavel Tsapyuk
"Telecom-Expert" company
office 903, building 18
Yunnatov street
Moscow, Russia 127083

have a great time, brothers and sisters!
07:48pm 05/09/2005
mood: disturbed
My cousin sent me this link. Thoughts, comments, feelings... Discuss:

Guyana, USA
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06:56am 01/09/2005
  It`s been a while since my first post...I was wondering if anyone know what the current situation is in Guyana?  
01:35am 29/07/2005
  Hi everyone!

I am not Guyanese, but I am going to be living there for 6 months starting in September. I am working in a rural area outside of Georgetown. I have never travelled this far before (I'm from Canada) & I was wondering if the people here had any tips or suggestions for me? Just thought it would be cool to connect with people who have been there or live there now.

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08:45pm 28/07/2005
  Hi, I'm Katie. I was looking around communities to see if there were any about this weekend's upcoming Caribana in TO and found you guys. I giggled a little to find it, then *had* to join. My mom's side is from Georgetown, my sister and I being first generation born in Canada, and well... one day someone snapped it into me that "hey, this is a part of your roots too" and sparked a real interest in the culture.

Anyway, I've introduced myself. Seems like a lot of Toronto-based in this community, anyone else going to Caribana this year?
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02:55am 19/07/2005
  Does anyone know; what is the current situation in GUYANA?  
03:42pm 14/07/2005
  I recently joined this community. I look forward to reading about news or gossip involving Guyana. My whole family was born in Guyana, except me. I was born in NY, but I want to get in touch with my Guyanese roots and learn more about its history. I saw the movie "Guiana 1838". It was pretty informative.  
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New to this community 
11:51pm 30/06/2005
mood: optimistic
I recently joined this community looking for more Guyanese users. I am from La Grange, West Bank Demerara, currently I am living in Toronto, and I am a travel agent. I hope to meet more of you guyanese.
China in Haiti- whoa.... 
03:10pm 09/06/2005

OK, now THIS is interesting: China, which has sent military advisors to Cuba and Venezuela (and is cashing in on the increasing dissatisfaction with conditions in Latin America), is stationing troops in Haiti, which is one of only 26 nations which maintains diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

This will be the very first time since 1421 that China has ever sent troops into the Western Hemisphere, and what better place to send this expeditionary force than to Haiti, the world's first black republic?

Now this is frickin amazing: is it true that the pendulum of power is actually moving westward to East Asia? What could this mean for Haiti? What could this mean for the African Diaspora in general? What could this mean for Latin America as well?

Your thoughts, if you please. Thanks.
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04:21am 18/04/2005
mood: cheerful
Hey! My name is Roslyn and I just discovered this place. I live in Toronto, Canada and go to U of Toronto. Both of my parents are Guyanese- My mom is from New Amsterdam and my dad is from GT. I was just there in Feb for my reading week and I wish I was still there. Man how I want to be sitting by the seawall tekkin the breeze! Anyways, hope you get to know u all better :)
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07:37pm 07/04/2005
  Hey everyone..just had to join cuz I have that Guyanese blood flowin in my viens.
My dad was born and raised in Georgetown, but I was born in Canada.

ANYWAYS guys, this community looks kinda dead..lets tell some jumbie stories lol
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Flood relief 
09:08pm 14/02/2005
  Has anyone seen anything about getting relief to the flood victims of Guyana? Venezuela is having problems too, but from what I've read, it's not as bad.

In Florida, I've heard that an account has been set up at Wachovia Bank for donations. I don't know if it's still open - I only heard about it this past weekend, and an article I read talked about an effort in Central Florida at the end of January.
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Guiana 1838 
08:56pm 14/02/2005
  Has anyone seen Guiana 1838? I saw it a week or so ago, and am left wondering how much of it is accurate. I have a feeling quite a bit of it is accurate, which makes my blood boil. It wasn't entertaining in the way most movies are - it's a docu-drama, so unless you're interested in the subject, this won't be appealing.

If you've seen this movie, what did you think of it overall?
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Hello :) 
09:48pm 13/02/2005
  Hi. My name is Monica, and I am eighteen years old. I joined this community so I could meet other Guyanese people.

I was born in Guyana (Georgetown) and left when I was four years old. My mother is from Essequibo, and my father was born in Mahica (sp?), but lived in Berbice (sp?), and Georgetown. I currently live in California.

Well, I guess that's it...

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02:47pm 17/11/2004
  hey all, im new here. glad this community exists, maybe ill meet a cousin or two!  
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help would be greatly appreciated 
07:08pm 10/11/2004
  I had written a post earlier to ask if anyone knew of the adverse affect that European imperailism had had on indegenous peoples around the world. After doing much research, I figured out that in order to encompass every indegenious culture off the top of my head, and the ones everybody brought to my attention, I would end up writing a dissertation, which is not what the assignment said to do. I have now narrowed down my topic to the affects of the racial majority has had on the cultural ties slaves and indentured servents that were brought to the united states might have with their past.
My general stream of thought is that since the European imperialists were in majority, the salves and indentured servants, who were both opressed and in minority were forced to assimilate into the majority's way of life and break most bonds with their past and culture.
The more I think about it, the more I want to narrow my thesis down to the difference between the people brought to the United States by force and the immigrants who came to the United States by choice, and how it affected their holding on to past cultures and traditions.
If anyone has any input on this subject, opinion- reading material- anything-wise, it would be greatly appreciated!
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01:37pm 06/11/2004
  Just got this link to GuyanaNJ FM Desi Radio. Thought it might interest someone.

It's also got a link to a station for more English tastes.

BTW, I couldn't get it to work in Netscape, but it works fine w/Internet Explorer.

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I need some info.... 
04:07pm 13/10/2004
  I'm doing this research paper for English, my topic is 'The Negative Impact of European Imperialism on the Indigenous Cultures of the World'
I'm trying to focus on Australia, Africa, South America, India and North America.
If anybody has ANY information, names of books, magazine articles, essays, movies, documentaries, ANYTHING. I would REALLY appreciate it if you let me know.
Also, if I have left out any major indigenous cultures, PLEASE, let me know.
Your help is much appreciated.